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man catches glasses with face

Posted on | January 7, 2008 | No Comments

this is kind of fun but it seems people really like it. the reason why i say kind of is because some of the transitions are too amateur like and obvious. having that said i found it still worth watching and entertaining. i looked at it a couple of times during the democratic tv debate last saturday when bill richardson talked – poor guy.

op art

Posted on | January 4, 2008 | No Comments

dave bollinger has created a series of works that are similar to op-art, squeezing the same basic shape into atightly packed and dense array. bollinger suggests, ‘most of these are intended to be viewed “from a distance” as a whole, not studied in detail up close’. the simple shapes create mesmerizing patterns that play with the eye, similar to optical illusions. well, i’d say after 10 minutes of starring on them i can see complex figurative images of dancing cows and other things. try that!

worksamples dave bollinger




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