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land of the stupid and home of the brave

Posted on | April 8, 2011 | No Comments

diesel put out another pretty amazing campaign. check out diesel island online.




way back home

Posted on | December 19, 2010 | No Comments

Simply well done, amazing footage and moves.


Posted on | August 2, 2010 | No Comments

doesn’t happen often but it’s great to be surprised by advertising that doesn’t include the brand name. just the logo. pure, confident and self-evident. in this case a magazine back cover ad from target. saw it while throwing the mag into the trash.


mcdonald’s branding has strong power over young minds

Posted on | August 18, 2009 | No Comments

interesting but not surprising at all. dr thomas robertson and his team from the university of stanford did a study researching mcdonald’s marketing impact on kid’s taste. isn’t marketing and branding an interesting thing!

check out the article and more information

killed logo

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and again a cool way to use AR

Posted on | August 1, 2009 | No Comments

shit, i love this augmented reality stuff. and check out the story of what happened to the guy after he posted his card on vimeo. quite cool.

AR Business Card from James Alliban on Vimeo.

zag font

Posted on | July 31, 2009 | No Comments

quite like the zag font from fontfabric. the regular and bold style are available for free download at their website.


extremely cool facade

Posted on | July 28, 2009 | No Comments a multimedia firm from bremen, germany is specialized in big wall projections with a special twist. the stuff they did for the “gallerie der gegenwart” (modern gallery) in hamburg, germany (see the video below) is pretty amazing.

555 KUBIK | facade projection | from urbanscreen on Vimeo.

very clever

Posted on | July 15, 2009 | No Comments

leo burnett toronto had a really smart idea. the business card for a message therapist was printed on cloth and tied in a knot. untie it and it reveals the business info. like it a lot.


volume up, volume down, play, record and forward

Posted on | June 28, 2009 | 3 Comments

visually interesting rebranding move from avid. offering the industry leading editing tools this makes perfect sense. whether it is smart to make such a big leap or departure from where they were is impossible to judge without knowing the insights but visually nice job. although the details like spacing and top and bottom lines could have been a bit better.


baron & baron ny

Posted on | May 31, 2009 | No Comments

really like the work done by fabien baron from baron & baron in new york. some of the work on his website is now almost a bit outdated but most stuff is pretty timeless and i like it as much now as when i saw it for the first time a few years back.

check it out:


nike and lebron james

Posted on | April 29, 2009 | No Comments

the graphic design studio hort in berlin did some really nice stuff for nike. actually developed a font, word mark, posters, motion graphics and other stuff. saw it a few years back but came across it again and still think it looks great, cool and contemporary. also take a look at hort’s website, they do other interesting stuff too.


wow, what a spectacular failure

Posted on | April 23, 2009 | 1 Comment

check out peter arnell explaining the new tropicana rebranding/packaging that has been taken back to the old version. although i have to say, i quite liked the new packaging and look. and now that the new ones are taken off the market they might become collectables.


what were they thinking?

Posted on | April 20, 2009 | No Comments

this is by far now the most terrible commercial i have seen produced by motorola in the last couple of years. can it get any cheesier? what were those guys from motorola thinking and what have they done to the brand? i’d like to ask the same question the guys from ogilvy in london who came up with that shit.

the batwing was in such a good spot (leaving the product quality aside for a second). it was the only fashionable and progressive cell phone brand doing interesting stuff. and now?

louis vuitton gets designed QR code

Posted on | April 17, 2009 | 3 Comments

tokyo based creative agency SET is specialized in marketing solutions that combine design and technology. for louis vuitton SET designed a QR (quick response) code. QR Codes are the bar codes of the future, linking online and physical graphics to websites and multi-media.

the QR code is an extension of the continuing partnership between louis vuitton and famed japanese animator takashi murakami who in 2008 made time magazine’s “100 most influential people” list.

the QR code is meant to generate traffic to the louis vuitton mobile website, create buzz (like here), demonstrate the possibilities of designer QR codes and raise awareness of the potential role of QR codes in marketing.

since i got a lot of reader feedback that the code doesn’t work i want to add the following statement from set.

“the LV QR code was meant for domestic use only. consequently in the testing of the code we conducted trials using handsets from the three phone companies, au, docomo and softbank.

we literally did not have the time to test it using phones used overseas and there really didn’t seem to be too much point. japanese phones are equipped with higher grade lenses and upgraded software to deal with issues such as macro settings etc. this account for some of the reading issues abroad.”


would call this QR code from BBC software engineer duncan robertson an early attempt to design a QR code by incorporating the BBC logo. due to an error margin of 30% while still being readable this was possible.


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