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skiing jaws

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bombay beach

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beautifully filmed and photographed documentary about a group of people from a community in california called bombay beach, right at the salton sea. “ Director Alma Har’el was born in Tel Aviv, where she began her film career as a video artist, mixing live video content for music concerts around Europe. After moving to the US she established herself as music video director, creating several critically acclaimed videos. Her work with Zach Condon and the band Beirut resulted in the award winning music video for their single “Elephant Gun” which earned her a VMA nomination for best directorial debut.”

riot police and a kissing couple

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it looks like a montage or fake image but it’s not. richard lam, a photographer who was in vancouver to document the riots happening after the NFL 2011 finals for getty images, took this once in a lifetime shot.

as riot police spreads out in all directions, this couple, seemingly uninterested in what unfolds around them, kisses each other lying on the street.

while it seems like that kiss was an act of love demonstrating against the aggressive police behavior it turns out that the girl was separated from her boyfriend in the chaos of the moment and was run over by the police that left her injured on the ground. after the scene cleared up the boyfriend rushed over and comforted her. that’s when richard lam hit the trigger and captured the image below.


the chosen · nike 6.0

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konstruct sculpture app

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interesting augmented reality art/sculpture app done by james alliban. your voice or any sounds and noise lets you create 3 dimensional objects within a given setting. obviously this wasn’t done with any specific purpose in mind other then exploring the possibilities of AR but it’s interesting to think about how this could be translated into the commercial space.


the underwater project · alex tipple

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“Australian photographer Alex Tipple regularly gets beaten in the head with his 5kg underwater camera but with shots like this one, it’s definitely worth it. He captures split second, stunning images of swimmers and surfers emerging underwater just off the Australian coast.

The 29 year-old captures the precise moment a wave breaks and surfers are drawn under, resulting in images of stunning clarity with an interesting twist on abstract photography. Tipple decided to shoot these kind of images after becoming frustrated with “normal” surf photography.” (




the big picture

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love this website. the boston globe’s big picture photo blog created by a select group of picture editors of the boston globe. entries are posted every monday, wednesday, and friday. the big picture is intended to highlight high-quality, amazing imagery, with a focus on current events.





RGB wallpaper

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carnovsky, the milan based collecitve created RGB, a series of wallpapers that surprisingly mutate and interact with different chromatic stimulus. RGB is about the exploration of the “surface’s deepness”. RGB’s technique consists in the overlapping of three different images, each one in a primary color. the resulting images from this three level’s superimposition are unexpected and disorienting. the colors mix up, the lines and shapes entwine becoming oneiric and not completely clear.





alain delorme · totems

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totems is a nice series of montages showing impossible transportation scenarios in an imaginative urban, asian environment created by french photographer alain delorme. more images here on his website.




talking about amazing footage…

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…here are a couple more. For the first one, it get’s really good after the first minute. The second one is a promo video but has some amazing footage as well and it gives you a good idea about what kind of content we’ll see on youtube and co the coming month and years, pretty powerful tool for kids going crazy.

way back home

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Simply well done, amazing footage and moves.

the dark side of the lens

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“… Something that offers insight into what it takes to grind out a living as a water-based photographer in the surfing industry: a short experimental glimpse at a life lived in the shadow of obsessive photographic pursuits.”

Mickey Smith worked with Allan Wilson from the Astray Collective, who acted as Director of Photography on the project. Together they logged hours of footage across the Atlantic coastline, traveling around Ireland, Cornwall and Manchester. Shot in Super 16mm film, as well as groundbreaking work with Canon 5D mk11 Digital SLR, Smith also projected images of the huge walls of water within which he works, on to monster urban landscapes such as sky rises and castles in Manchester, as well as the cliff lines at his home of Ireland.”

DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

brian skerry

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some amazing marine wildlife images done by brian skerry, a national geographic photographer specialized on underwater environments. more images here.


tomohide ikeya

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tomohide was born in 1974 in kanagawa, japan, and started his professional career as a chef in an italian restaurant in 1992 before he switched to photography and started working independently in 2002. he has some interesting work on his website but i find most interesting his photo art series breath, which got him the 2009 international photography award. check out his website here.


miles aldrige

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great photography by miles aldrige. kind of a unique mix between moshe brakha and david lachapelle. check out more work here.


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