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skiing jaws

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riot police and a kissing couple

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it looks like a montage or fake image but it’s not. richard lam, a photographer who was in vancouver to document the riots happening after the NFL 2011 finals for getty images, took this once in a lifetime shot.

as riot police spreads out in all directions, this couple, seemingly uninterested in what unfolds around them, kisses each other lying on the street.

while it seems like that kiss was an act of love demonstrating against the aggressive police behavior it turns out that the girl was separated from her boyfriend in the chaos of the moment and was run over by the police that left her injured on the ground. after the scene cleared up the boyfriend rushed over and comforted her. that’s when richard lam hit the trigger and captured the image below.


idea with global impact

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very cool (or better helpful). “kiva is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world.” check out more here.



acrassicauda from baghdad

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became a huge fan of vice tv documentaries featured on the website. the one posted here follows the first (and maybe only) iraq metal band acrassicauda. a vice team followed them for more than three years from war to post war times 2003 - 2006. there is also a short trailer on what happened after that if you click here. you should start with the long feature though.

iphone recession case

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smart shopping for iphone cases. distinct and unique look for the harder times. you can order either one recession case for $0.99, the bailout bundle with 10 cases for $7.99 or the stimulus package with 30 cases for $14.99 at



wireless power outlet. really?

Posted on | October 8, 2009 | No Comments

it was introduced at the CES early this year but so far i’ve been only aware of the powermat. what’s more interesting though is the technology integrated into other areas like a kitchen counter top or office desk. like that a lot, cables should be part of the past by now.


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who would have thought anyone would ever care about the original material confetti is made from. well, someone from germany does and turns porn mags into party confetti, called pornconfetti.

so if you are actually the party dude that sits quiet in the corner because no one wants to talk to you, you can now spend time with trying to find the hottest confetti piece in the mix. that easily fills the evening and might be rewarding.

online orders are possible at



kseniya simonova’s sand painting

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nike t-shirt gun

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must have, the t-shirt gun from nike. check out the nike website here.


did you know?

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perfect brainstorming position

Posted on | June 23, 2009 | 3 Comments

this is not a member of the local police force in sichuan, china taking a nap as the news agency reuters claims but a design student of the community college thinking about a campaign he has to develop as part of his studies as my sources tell me.


wikipedia featured articles book

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emergency cuff links

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not that most people wear cuff links all the time these days but just in case. like the creative aspect to it.


stages of transformation

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quite like this schematic of a werewolf transformation done by illustrator ray frenden. it reminds me how creatives sometimes feel working on a horrible assignment. and, in some cases it seems like full moon never goes away.


iphone swine flu tracker

Posted on | May 2, 2009 | No Comments

for all those who are concerned about the swine flu, there might be an iphone app coming out soon, tracking what’s going on. i wonder a little what all the fuzz is about though since the director of the cdc said in his news conference that the cdc estimates that 36000 people die every year in the states of flu related causes. he? what? ok, how many people died sofar of swine flu in the states? one. hmmm. anyways, think this is a good example of people reacting creatively and quickly to what goes on in the world.

“A potential app, the Swine Flu Tracker, may be on the way. The Swine Flu Tracker, still pending approval from Apple, would be free. It was developed by IntuApps, whose founders, Barry Schwartz and Lilly Gold, say they want to keep people informed about the virus and where it is spreading.

“Just being able to have the information with you on the go is a powerful tool for people,” Gold told CNN. The Swine Flu Tracker’s first tab shows the current threat level – Phase 5 – and brief description from the World Health Organization.

The next feature, likely the most useful, is a map that tracks where the virus is spreading in relation to the user via a “locate me” button. Each pin that pops up on the map offers details about confirmed and suspected flu cases. The data comes from a Google Maps RSS feed.

A third tab provides virus facts and flu symptoms from the Centers for Disease Control, Wikipedia and other sources. The last screen, Alerts, is a consolidated triad of Twitter updates from the World Health Organization, the CDC and HealthMap.

Schwartz submitted Swine Flu Tracker on Thursday and said Apple typically takes a week or two to approve new apps before they are released. Given the urgency of the swine flu outbreak, maybe they’ll move more swiftly on this one.” seen on CNN

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