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the chosen · nike 6.0

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no escape

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smart and simple.

old spice, danger zone and what your man could smell like

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new and previous.


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yummie fries

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arnold in boston did a pretty good job with these three ads, posters, comps, whatever it is for mc donalds. they made me smile first and then crave fricking fries. mission accomplished.





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doesn’t happen often but it’s great to be surprised by advertising that doesn’t include the brand name. just the logo. pure, confident and self-evident. in this case a magazine back cover ad from target. saw it while throwing the mag into the trash.


what’s the point?

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a disaster on all levels. the ad below (the headline reads: “the tsunami killed 100 times more people than 9/11. the planet is brutally powerful. respect it. preserve it.”) from DDB in brazil was originally rewarded with an one show merit award that just got withdrawn.

first of all the fact that it got a merit award is pretty bad in itself because the creative message has no point. why comparing one disaster with another one? should i feel more bad for the victims of the tsunami? yes, our planet is powerful but what does it have to do with 9/11? i respect that anyways.

secondly it’s bad to label an ad creative which uses an image that creates guaranteed uproar just because of it’s topic. and lastly the web community bashed it for being a hyper insensitive ad which i am sure doesn’t help the WFF at all. all leads to DDB having a completely home made image and pr issue. advertising that works - in one way or the other.


absolut boring anthem

Posted on | August 18, 2009 | 1 Comment

once in a while i just have to post stupid things because they are so bad that they deserve space to be dismissed. the new absolut vodka anthem is so boring and has no message at all it’s unbelievable. doing things differently? hae? what? don’t give me that crap. the brand that made for years the most iconic advertising in the world just lost its mojo – completely. too bad but a good reason to get drunk. cheers.

simply powerful

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not exactly how you want to start your weekend but it is for a good cause. again and again it surprises me how powerful sometimes simple images combined with sound and type can be, creating only images in your head not on screen. this piece done by mccann erickson london is one of those extremely powerful and simple ones.

fast – the rabbit R32

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actually took me a second to understand but this is a really funny and smart ad done by ogilvy cape town.


give ‘em something to spit up

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nike t-shirt gun

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must have, the t-shirt gun from nike. check out the nike website here.


bad lungs

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bleeding billboard

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new crispin website · beta version

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