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AMG · interactive print ad

Posted on | June 18, 2011 | No Comments

awesome! one of those simple, fun, smart ideas you just don’t come across that often. done by BBDO south africa.

spicy pringles

Posted on | May 4, 2009 | No Comments

like it. simple and fun. done by grey’s frankfurt, germany office

visual crap

Posted on | March 13, 2009 | No Comments

allright, how many more times do i need to see a toilet paper in combination with a space to put down a killer idea? no more! same counts for napkins of all kind. we’ve seen it. ok? if this is advertising for a visual arts school then better do something that’s fresh, as the next guard of visual artists should be, and first and foremost: think! as claimed.

also, i bet in most cases there is going to be still crap on that toilet paper no matter if you wipe off your brain or a…



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