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AMG · interactive print ad

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awesome! one of those simple, fun, smart ideas you just don’t come across that often. done by BBDO south africa.

first time i enjoyed scroll bars

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sue teller mash up

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nike t-shirt gun

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must have, the t-shirt gun from nike. check out the nike website here.


paper beats internet - really?

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don’t think so but nevertheless interesting. paper beats internet is an online but analog social networking platform that uses hand drawings as communication tools. the project is a collaboration between the ontario college of art and design, and a group of invited collaborators. check it out at



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freedom and partners has a quite interesting website. you can spin the site content at any given point around x and y axis. of course not only their own website is pretty fxxxxx cool but they also have a lot high profile clients such as crispin porter or adobe for example.

check it out:




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fun. the guys from (as they claim) clean up the online environment by putting spam subject lines on t-shirts and making actually use of all the rubbish floating around out there.


portrait by michel gondry

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michel gondry’s website claims he will personally draw a portrait of yours for $19.95 (you can pay via paypal) once you submitted your photo via his website and payed. delivery time is 6-8 weeks.

taking in account how many fans he has i wonder if he ran out of money and i question if he’d seriously be able to draw that many portraits in 6-8 weeks.

in any event, fun site, check it out here.


proximus generation movie project

Posted on | April 9, 2009 | No Comments

smart marketing and branding move by proximus, a belgium telecommunication provider. they ask their target group to participate in their newest tv campaign. definitely not the newest idea in itself but the project is actually quite interesting and fun. you shoot photos of yourself and/or friends and upload them to a website where you replace storyboard frames with you images, eventually creating a movie.

those who participate will definitely send the movie around a lot and spread the word. so, the marketing guys from proximus tagged themselves as innovative, part of the new generation, fun and make their customers and target groups to brand ambassadors.

check it out: proximus generation movie project





klamauk – or hullabaloo, in a good way

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check out the music label klamauk (which basically means hullabaloo) from mainz, germany. founded by tilman schwarz, michael fluhr and karsten brommenschenkel in august 2008. the label focuses on techno and house (or as they’d describe it: microfunk) releases.

not only do i actually like the music but the guys running the show came up with a cool web device. because the first vinyl release was a black and white print with individual hand coloration from each artist the guys from klamauk wanted to keep the individual element to their releases alive even for mp3 cover art. the website was realized by euro rscg 4d in duesseldorf, germany.

design your cover at and listen to their music at juno or itunes.



there are still some things in print you can’t do in…

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“Wallpaper* strives to keep its edge with guest eds and die-cuts

Print can still do lots of things you can’t do online, and one of the more striking and tactile techniques in the print designer’s armoury is die-cutting, writes John L. Walters. The October issue of Wallpaper*, out next Thursday (11 September), goes to town with some sculptural custom cuts – in a special sixteen-page section, and on one of the three alternative front covers. But they don’t appear to be the kind of gratuitous ‘paper porn’ you see in elaborate paper promotions, or in limited-edition laser-cut book art like Olafur Eliasson’s (admittedly rather beautiful) Your House. This is a mass-market mag with a print run of 200k, destined for your local newsagent.

We’ve not managed to get our hands on a copy yet, but these snaps show something of the way this labyrinth of die-cuts springs from the content provided by Zaha Hadid, one of three guest editors. (The other two are artist Louise Bourgeois and Comme des Garçons founder Rei Kawakubo.) Hadid’s reputation rested on two-dimensional work on paper (see ‘The architect as illustrator’ by Catherine Slessor, Eye no. 35 vol. 12) long before she built anything substantial, so it is no surprise to see her work in the medium of a magazine. (She contributed a limited edition cover to the May 2006 Wallpaper*, too.) The gatefold cover and cut pages represent Hadid’s Lotus, to be launched at the Venice Biennale next Friday (12 September).” via eye blog





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